Automotive Recycling

Get cash for your clunker immediately by recycling with us! Keep the following in mind if you are planning on selling your vehicle.

  • If the vehicle is 12 years old or newer (in 2016, that would be anything between 2004 and 2016), you are required to have the title, and it must be in the same name as the sellers ID used for the transaction
  • If the vehicle is older than 12 years (in 2016, that would be 2003 and older), you do not need the title but we will run the VIN through a state website to check for liens or any other causes for objection to the sale of the vehicle for recycling
  • If the vehicle has had a lien against it in the past, it's not a bad idea to call the former lien holder and make sure they have officially released the vehicle through the database. Many times someone tries to sell a vehicle that has been paid off and should not have a lien, but the title company did not release it electronically. According to state law, we cannot buy the vehicle if that is the case, even if you have written proof the lien has been released.

See more info about selling vehicles on the yard rules page.