Residential Recycling

The reasons to recycle household metal are endless.  It helps the environment by reducing the need to mine new metal ore, saves tremendous amounts of energy, reduces the amount of unnecessary landfill, and puts cash in your pocket, making it a win-win for you and the environment.  Whatever your reasons for recycling, we provide friendly and hassle-free service to help you.  

We take everything from household appliances to old machinery, aluminum, copper, brass, all types of e-scrap, auto batteries, and even industrial steel-case batteries.  Our truck scales have large readouts that you can easily see from your vehicle while you are on the scale, and our staff is glad to help you unload your material. Check out the yard rules page to see items restricted by law and items we cannot accept. 


Automotive Recycling

Get cash for your clunker immediately by recycling with us! Keep the following in mind if you are planning on selling your vehicle.

  • If the vehicle is 12 years old or newer (in 2016, that would be anything between 2004 and 2016), you are required to have the title, and it must be in the same name as the sellers ID used for the transaction
  • If the vehicle is older than 12 years (in 2016, that would be 2003 and older), you do not need the title but we will run the VIN through a state website to check for liens or any other causes for objection to the sale of the vehicle for recycling
  • If the vehicle has had a lien against it in the past, it's not a bad idea to call the former lien holder and make sure they have officially released the vehicle through the database. Many times someone tries to sell a vehicle that has been paid off and should not have a lien, but the title company did not release it electronically. According to state law, we cannot buy the vehicle if that is the case, even if you have written proof the lien has been released.

See more info about selling vehicles on the yard rules page.


Industrial Recycling

If your business generates metal scrap, we provide many cost effective ways for you to recycle your material and get the best possible return on it.  Certified scales with scale printed weights, pricing based off a 3rd party index, and flexible, reliable trucking are just a few of the tools we use to provide excellent industrial recycling service.


Roll-off containers

We provide 20-40 yard roll-off containers for customers within 100 miles from Mobile, AL.   If your location needs multiple containers, we have extensive experience maximizing container placement and coordinating shipping schedules that work for you.


We pride ourselves in making sure our containers are picked up in a timely manner, which in our opinion is the most important part of our container services.  Our boxes are often picked up on the same day they are called in, and our trucks are available well beyond our business hours.

mobile car crushing

Over the last 40 years, we have become one of the most trusted names in car crushing all over south Alabama, west Florida, and southeast Mississippi.  We have many repeat customers that have allowed us to crush their vehicles regularly for decades, and we would love to get an opportunity to show you why these customers will only crush with us!


We use sound environmental practices and will leave your yard spotless.  We would love to have the opportunity to give you a quote today!



demolition services

We have extensive experience assisting demolition companies with scrap removal.  Whether you need open-top trailers, flatbeds, of course roll-off containers, or whatever else is needed to remove your scrap quickly, we can provide it and work under whatever time restraints that you have.  We will keep trucks with you until the job is done!


When you need a metal structure removed, our expert crews can dismantle and downsize it, providing you with a hassle-free demolition service and reduced costs.