State Of Alabama scrap laws:

  • You must be 18 or older & have a valid government issued photo ID

  • If the payout for your material is over $500, we are required to write a check for it

  • If the payout for your copper, copper/aluminum from an A/C unit, &/or catalytic converters is over $50, we are required to write a check for it


It is unlawful for us to purchase the following items,

unless verifiable documentation can be provided:

  • Catalytic converters

  • Copper wire that has been burned to remove insulation

  • Metal property of a telephone company, an electric company, a cable company, a water company, or any other utility companies

  • Any railroad property

  • A copper, aluminum or copper-aluminum condensing or evaporating coil, including its tubing or rods, from a heating or air conditioning unit, excluding scrap from window air conditioning units & automobile condenser coils

  • Utility access covers, manhole covers, or storm drain covers

  • Grave markers, vases, memorials, statues, plaques or other bronze objects used at a cemetery

  • Beer kegs

  • Street signs


When selling a vehicle:

  • We must be able to read the VIN on the vehicle, even if it is cut into pieces

  • We can not buy vehicles if there is a lien against it

  • We can not buy vehicles that have been reported as stolen

  • If the vehicle is 12 year old or newer you must bring the vehicle title, & the person whose name is on the title must use their ID to sell the vehicle


Items we do NOT buy:

  • Acetylene bottles

  • Propane or oxygen bottles unless a hole is cut in them at least 3” by 3”

  • TV’s

  • Computer CRT monitors

  • Radioactive material

  • Refrigerators (or anything) with rotten food